4 11 2007

You know how I said that “Perfectly Dysfunctional” would be the game I wrote after I finished Addict? That’s kind of a lie. I finished writing it last night. There’s a lot which isn’t in my last blog post; I’m polishing up a playtestable PDF, and I’ll hopefully post it later today. Since the game was written in, say, 12 hours, I’m certain it’s pretty rough– and the layout won’t be that pretty, but it will be workable. Oh, and it has a new name: It’s Complicated.

Me: Hey, should I explain why you don’t have like
stats in this game?
Other than oddities and dysfunctions I mean
Shreyas: oh
i mean, you could, but i don’t think it’d be any content added if you did

Me: Right, that’s what I thought
I was just wondering if people were going to be like
“Wait, how do I know how strong I am”
Shreyas: yeah
so i’m curious
why aren’t there

Me: It’s not what the game is about
If I make a bunch of stats for strength and dexterity and charisma, people will think they have to punch walls and run fast and convince people to do things
Plus if you have a bunch of standard stats, you feel compelled to take something in everything, even if it doesn’t fit your character

Shreyas: mhm

Me: It’s just way more elegant to be like “My oddity is extreme strength; my dysfunction is that sometimes I forget I have it, so I don’t like to exert any force at all”




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