What’s the point?

28 11 2007

My blurb author, #6, revealed himself in dramatic fashion (okay, maybe not that dramatic) on my blog yesterday! This game is for Mark “I am not a number, I am a FREE MAN” Vallianatos. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mark! I hope you’ll like this. If something does not sound cool to you, please, feel free to speak up.

Mark had an excellent question:

I like the direction you’re going. Will there be any ‘editing’ together of the answers/ scenes as the narrator or all players try to construct a storyline, or is the point that one can’t create a central narrative from the 4 individual memories?

That’s an excellent question, and one I’ve been thinking about since last night. Having to puzzle out an accurate account of the events would certainly make for a neater story and a real goal; however, it kind of feels done to me, you know, like those “How to host a murder” parties. Certainly, going the “there’s no way to know for certain” route feels more innovative, and reinforces the feeling of subjective reality; I feel like part of the point, part of what seperates this from murder-mystery-type games, is that no one is actually, consciously lying– they’re just relating the truth as they know the truth to be, colored by emotion and distorted through the lens of time. But if that’s not the point, then what is endgame? There’s no satisfying conclusion unless the stories tie together somehow.

I was whining to Shreyas about this quandry earlier, and I think he’s right– the answer is somewhere in the middle. The idea isn’t fully formed yet, but I’m thinking there will be some kind of mechanic which allows you to cement a certain detail of your story as truth; ensuing stories must accept this kernel of truth. Maybe it’s kind of a PvP-ish thing, in which players come into conflict and jockey for their version of events to be accepted as true, or rather, more of their version to be accepted as true than anyone else’s.




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