Coming soon(ish): more It’s Complicated

9 12 2007

I’ve been fortunate enough this week to get a lot of good feedback from David Artman and Ron Edwards at The Forge, as well as some great conversations with friends and playtesters in #indierpgs. After reflection, I’ve decided that I’m not going to revise the current document so much as write an entirely new one. New sections will include:

  • Scene framing tips
  • Framing scenes with multiple relationships
  • Types of scenes
  • Things you can accomplish in scenes besides revelation
  • Expanded definitions of Oddity and Dysfunction
  • An absurd amount of examples
  • Potential scenarios
  • Tips on story arcs vs. scenes

That’s a lot of stuff, and if any of it turns out to be unnecessary, I can cut it. But as of right now, those’re basically things that people who have played the game have requested, and so they seem important.

Someone– I forget who– told me this game was going to have more explanation of how the rules work than of the rules themselves. I’m okay with that. Actually, a big part of the influence for this system was when I was working on the token mechanic for Addict— I had a bunch of little systems going, and Jonathan told me that I should think about having a single elegant system that did everything. Little did he know..




3 responses

9 12 2007

Not that a single unified mechanic isn’t glorious, but a set of small systems can become elegant with the right type of interactions given they are small enough.

This doesn’t pertain to It’s Complicated in particular really, but I’m just saying 🙂

10 12 2007

Is it soon yet?

10 12 2007

Yes, how soon will be soon enough for something that will be completed soon?

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