A look ahead

19 12 2007

There have been posts on Knife Fight and Story Games about what projects everyone is planning for 2008, and it got my head swimming with all the stuff I want and need to do. So here’s what’s coming, with the soonest projects listed first; actual dates, where applicable.

It’s Complicated: I’m hoping to have the really fleshed-out playtest document done by Friday for the Festival of Flawless Victory; I’m not sure that will happen, but I’m doing my best. This will be pretty close to the publication version, in terms of additional info and fleshed-out chapters and all that good stuff. I want to release it early next year; whether free or for sale or what, I’m not sure. Jonathan’s working on some hotness that may affect how Complicated is delivered– but you should talk to him about it, not me.

Created: The wacky hack of Shooting the Moon, complete with paper dolls, should kick into gear in mid-to-late January, which is awesome, because hopefully that’s when the grunt work on Complicated will be winding down. I have a FANTASTIC artist lined up to do the paper dolls– I am so effing excited, you have no idea, but it’s a SECRET, okay– and he won’t be free until then.  It’s going to be a pretty thorough hack, but it still shouldn’t take as long as poking Complicated has taken thus far.

Audeamus: I can’t stop thinking about this game, even when I want to. It’s a much longer-form game than the first two, so it’s going to take longer; and it’s a collaboration with Charlotte, and collaborating always takes extra time anyway. Playtestable by summer? Here’s hoping.

Splendour in the Grass: I just got the idea for this one talking to someone today. I’m not sure if I’ll write it or not– it depends on what the person I was talking to thinks– but I’m really taken with the idea. Assuming I do write it: knowing me, this will be what I work on whenever I need distracting from everything mentioned above.




One response

20 12 2007
Bjorn k KJohansson

I am looking forward to reading more of Audeamus. It is really intreseting to see how it’s developing.

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