Play this with that: James Bond with Breaking the Ice

20 01 2008

On Story Games, there was a recent challenge to choose a game system, and then have a game system assigned to you; you then had to play a game using the first system’s mechanics and the second system’s setting. I got assigned the James Bond setting for Breaking the Ice, and Graham was lovely enough to volunteer. Below is the rather brief, but really entertaining, log of the first session.

[Guide] Deep beneath the Nevada desert, Bond is dumped at the foot of an ornate dining table.
[Guide] Little computer things line the walls. Whirrrrr. Beep. Flash.
[Guide] A door slides open at the end of the room. Behind is a slim, elegant Asian man.

James Bond is looking rather elegant in a white tuxedo with tails, despite the five o’clock shadow and swollen black eye. “Gideon La Glasse. We meet again.”

[Guide] “Mr Bond,” says La Glasse, “What am I to do with you?”
[Guide] His eyes, due to a genetic disorder, are completely black.

[James Bond] “Let me go, turn yourself in, dismantle your Armageddon Array..?” His roguish smile does not reach his eyes.

[Guide] A thug hits Bond on the back of the neck, sending him to the floor.
[Guide] “Really, Mr Bond. Let us leave such talk until after dinner. Ah, my dear.”
[Guide] Raven La Glasse glides in through the same door and, ignoring Gideon, sits at the side of the table. She glances coolly at Bond.

[James Bond] “Indeed. Usually there’s a little foreplay before I end up on all fou–” the words catch in his throat as he sees Raven. He stands, straightens his cufflinks, and reseats himself. “And who might you be?”

[Guide] “This is my wife Raven,” interrupts Gideon. Raven continues to look, levelly, at Bond.
[Guide] “She is beautiful, is she not? I would die for her, Mr Bond. You do not believe me? It is true.”

[James Bond] Bond’s eyes never leave Raven’s. “Oh, I believe you, La Glasse. Which is a shame, because she quite seems the sort of creature worth living for.”

[Guide] Gideon’s eyes flicker. Raven smiles slightly.
[Guide] “Sadly for you, Mr Bond, that is not an option you have. Take him.”
[Guide] And the thugs drag Bond to the elevator.

James Bond smiles elegantly before the doors close. “A pleasure, Raven. Let’s do this again.”

[Guide] Bond is now in an elevator, with two heavies.

[James Bond] Pressed between two cro-magnons, Bond peers up at them curiously. “What do you suppose the weight limit is for this lift? I’d hate to get stuck.”

[Guide] They look at him impassively. One holds a cattle-prod.

[James Bond] With a grunt, the thug with the eyepatch lifts him by his shoulders. The thug with the SPECTRE tattoo zaps him until he’s medium rare, and unconscious.




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