James Bond: date two

22 01 2008

We had a bit more luck with the dice today, but not much. The first scene went a bit slowly, but ensuing scenes had some great moments. Graham came up with the best scene-framing I’ve seen in a long time for the last scene of the evening.

[Guide] It’s getting dark outside Vatican City. Bond has been dropped into place outside the main wall.
[Guide] Along the top, a Vatican guard patrols. He’ll have to time this carefully.

[James Bond] When the guards move to the end of the wall, Bond sends a grappling hook up; with a soft, slippery sound it shoots, and hooks to the brick with a soft thunk. Attaching the rope to his belt, he presses a button, and the rope begins to recoil, pulling him upwards.

[Guide] The guard stops in his patrol. He thinks he heard something.

[James Bond] He hits the top of the wall and retrieves his grappling hook just as the guards turn; he flattens himself against the side, in the shadows, not breathing.

[Guide] The guard walks towards the edge of the wall. He bends down. Is that a scratch?

[James Bond] When the guard bends, James soundly THWACKs him in the back of the neck with his fist, knocking him out. He falls to the ground with a quiet crumple. James drags him into the shadows and dresses in his uniform.

[Guide] The wall is long. There’s a door into a tower at the end. Looking into Vatican City, the wall looks over a huge courtyard.
[Guide] Exits are: North, South, Down.

[James Bond] Sneaking a look at his watch, James heads North along the wall.

[Guide] You go North.
[Guide] You are in a tower.
[Guide] Stairs lead down. There’s two guards playing cards and drinking communion wine.
[Guide] They talk in Italian.
[Guide] No, wait! German.

* James Bond waits two more minutes exactly, pulls his cap down a bit over his face, and lumbers down the stairs. With a scant wave and a brusque “Gute Nacht,” he turns to go.

[Guide] They wave lazily. “Gute Nacht”.
[Guide] Vatican courtyard.
[Guide] It’s huge.
[Guide] And moonlit.

* James Bond strides to the Circus of Nero; attached to the obelisk in the center is a piece of paper. He reads it, raises an eyebrow, and waits.

[Guide] A gunshot hits the ground by him.

[James Bond] He slips behind the obelisk and begins shooting.

[Guide] He fires off a few shots, but can’t see where the shot came from. Perhaps up high. Everything seems quiet on the wall.

[James Bond] With nothing but a slim obelisk and empty space between him and proper cover, he clears his throat and shouts for help in the most authoritative German tone he can muster.

[Guide] The two drunk guards wake up.
[Guide] “Ja? Was ist est?”
[Guide] They arrive in the courtyard, holding rifles.

[James Bond] “Ich brach meinen Fuß.” Bond is slumping against the stone fixture, hat down, in the shadows.

[Guide] On the wall, Raven lines up the sniper sight for the next shot.

[James Bond] The wounded guard gestures his drunken friends to him. “Hast, hast.”

[Guide] The guards run over.
[Guide] Bond notices a little red light on his forehead.

* James Bond puts an arm around each of the guards, getting in the middle, and hurriedly starts limping with them to the other side of the courtyard– blocking the shot with similarly-dressed men.

[Guide] Raven frowns, lowers the sight and runs off along the wall.

[James Bond] Once hidden away, Bond uses his arms around the guards’ necks to forcibly slam their heads together, knocking them out. He takes a rifle and heads back up the wall.
[James Bond] Somewhere, outside the wall, a naked guard wakes up with a massive headache..
[James Bond] “Natalia,” he calls up the stairs, “That’s no way to say hello.”
[James Bond] A grenade skitters to his feet.
* James Bond bolts from the grenade, the tower lighting up the moonlit sky in red and orange as it explodes in grandiose fashion, bricks showering a guard barracks below.


[Guide] It’s rained recently; the streets of rome glimmer, slickly brilliant in the streetlight. Tourists and townsfolk leap out of the way as Bond barrels down the narrow streets in his Aston Martin.

[Raven] In his rear view mirror is a leather-clad motorcyclist. There’s a gun in her hand. She raises it.
[Raven] She shoots.

[Guide] Bond screeches around a corner, going up on two wheels, and frightening an old woman in a cafe. The bullet dings off of the car’s body.

[Raven] The old woman, shaken, stands up and recovers her dignity. She mutters and touches her hair.
[Raven] Just in time to leap back as Raven zooms around the corner.
[Raven] Her hair goes everywhere.

[Guide] As Bond turns the corner, he finds himself face to face with a large hotel and a dead end. He presses a button on the gear shift, and is ejected from the car right before it explodes into the lobby.
[Guide] He is thrown to a second-floor balcony, slips down, and calmly begins walking in the other direction from the commotion.

[Raven] He feels a gun in his back.
[Raven] “Mr Bond”.

[Guide] “Ms. La Glasse. It’s been quite some time.”

[Raven] “Take the next right.”

[Guide] He turns right. “If you wanted to see me again, you know, the gun was not necessary. You could have just not left me on an empty, crashing airplane.”

[Raven] “Get into the lift, Mr Bond”.
[Raven] “Mr Bond. The lift.”

[Guide] He turns, bracing himself in the open doors of the elevator, looking Raven in the eye. “Ms. La Glasse, every time you coax me into enclosed spaces I end up going down. By myself. Are you accompanying me this time?”

[Raven] Ignoring him, she enters the lift.
[Raven] “Turn around, Mr Bond. This is one of the greatest sights in Italy.”

[Guide] “If you insist.” He turns to take in the view.

[Raven] They are travelling up a cargo lift at the back of the Colosseum.

[Guide] “You’re right; this is quite lovely. But why are we here?”

[Raven] They reach the top.
[Raven] “You seem distracted by beauty, Mr Bond. I brought you here to distract you.”
[Raven] “Sadly, Mr Bond, I have been ordered to kill you. My husband thought I was the only one who could get close to you.”
[Raven] “I told him he was wrong, but he was right.”


[Guide] In the setting sun, Bond looks up at Raven, clad in black leather and beautiful.
[Guide] “On your knees, Mr Bond.”

* James Bond obliges. “The Colosseum is an interesting place, Ms. LaGlasse. Home to five hundred years of bloody spectacles, of blood being spilled for sport. Of people killing each other at the whim of someone else.”
[James Bond] “Of course, the patricians did not care about the lives of their pawns. They simply wanted blood.”
[James Bond] “What is it YOU want, Ms. La Glasse? To be a gladiator? I somehow doubt it.”

[Guide] “To win my freedom, Mr Bond.”
[Guide] The sun’s last rays appear over Bond’s shoulder.
[Guide] “And you, Mr Bond? What is it you want?”

[James Bond] “Freedom is a strange and beautiful creature, and it is not won in simple ways. Obedience does not lead to freedom. Do you truly think that by proving your usefulness to your husband, he will set you free? Or will you simply be too important to release? No, sometimes the only way to get freedom is to grab it.” He tentatively touches Raven’s calf.

[Guide] Raven kicks Bond in the chest. He falls backwards.
[Guide] “Goodbye, Mr Bond.”
[Guide] She points the gun at his head.

[James Bond] “You asked what I want: don’t you want to know the answer?” He is unmoved.

[Guide] “Go on?”

[James Bond] “I want to see you truly happy, Ms. La Glasse. It would be a tragedy if you killed me before I got my wish.”

[Guide] “And how do you propose to do that, Mr Bond?”

[James Bond] “By helping you take your freedom, of course. You are too strong to simply win it because it pleases someone else.”

[Guide] “And you will help me how?”

* James Bond stands, his face mere inches from hers. “By staying close. By helping you destroy the chains that bind you.” He brushes her face lightly; fingertips barely tracing the scar on her cheek. “By hurting those who hurt you.”

[Guide] She flinches as he touches the scar.

[James Bond] His face moves closer. “If you’ll let me,” he adds, as a not-quite-afterthought.
[James Bond] He slips his hands tenderly on her shoulders, leans in, and.. shoves her off the back of the colosseum, with all of his might.
[James Bond] James hears a beep.. beep.. BEEEEP. There’s a pause; he looks at the stone row below him, and sees a digital timer flashing 0:00:00.
[James Bond] There is an unbelievable explosion, and another large chunk of Rome’s most famous landmark is lost to the ages, as Bond flies through the air.
[James Bond] He lands on the awning atop a souvenir stand, which promptly crumples under his weight. When he stands, he is surrounded by guards from the Vatican.
[James Bond] The guard Bond stripped naked the night before picks up a heavy object and soundly cracks Bond in the temple. As he loses consciousness, he realizes it was a model of the Colosseum.


[Guide] A bellhop lifts the ornate, antique bronze knocker on the door of Raven’s suite. “Room Service, madam!” his English is heavily accented.

[Raven] Raven lies on the bed. Beside her is a laptop. “Leave it outside.”

[Guide] The bellhop’s voice drips with acid; he assumes she simply wants to avoid tipping. “Si Madam!” he calls. And as he leaves, under his breath: “Cheap american.”

[Raven] She presses a button on the laptop. Characters flash across the screen. The words “SECURE CONNECTION” appear, in red.

[Guide] Gideon’s face appears on the computer. “Is it done, my dear?”

[Raven] “It is, my sweet.”

[Guide] “Excellent. I knew my trust was well placed.” The compliments do not reach his opaque black eyes. “And Bond?”

[Raven] “Dead,” says Raven.
[Raven] “In the explosion.”

[Guide] “Excellent. I will make the announcement tonight. You should return home as soon as possible: I want you close.”

[Raven] “I would like to see his body,” says Raven.
[Raven] “It is currently held in Vatican City.”

[Guide] “You are such a sentimental creature, my dear. As you wish. Make it quick.”

[Raven] “Sentimental? I don’t think so.”
[Raven] “Pictures of Bond, dead, would strike at the heart of British intelligence.”
[Raven] “Give me 12 hours.”

[Guide] “You have ten.” The screen goes black.

[Raven] Raven switches windows on the laptop, to where she has hacked into the Secret Service network.
[Raven] She presses a button. Photos of Bond, marked “Deceased”, scroll across the screen.


[Guide] The British Embassy, Rome
[Guide] M walks down the corridor.
[Guide] “Honestly, 007, that was nearly a diplomatic incident. Have you any idea how much negotiation I’ve had to do with the Vatican?
[Guide] You might have well have shot the Pope.”
[Guide] She pauses.
[Guide] “Do not shoot the Pope, 007.”
[Guide] “That is an order.”

* James Bond clears his throat. “Yes, M.”

[Guide] “Yes, ma’am, 007.”
[Guide] Into an office. Moneypenny rises from a desk.
[Guide] “Sit down, Moneypenny.”
[Guide] “Yes, ma’am.”

* James Bond looks a bit boyishly abashed, and then tosses a secretive wink at his favorite secretary.
[James Bond] “Have we heard any more about the Armageddon Array?”

[Guide] Moneypenny blushes and busies herself with files.
[Guide] “I was hoping you could tell me, 007”. Into another office, now. More like a war room. Semi-circular, big illuminated screens.
[Guide] “These are our projected targets.”
[Guide] “Jerusalem”. A blip appears on the map.
[Guide] “Mecca”. Another blip.
[Guide] “Salt Lake City.” Another blip. “I don’t believe it myself, but the CIA insisted.”
[Guide] “The problem is, 007, we have no idea where it’ll strike first.”

[James Bond] “I believe the Array is somewhere in the American southwest. Near Nevada. I was getting close, but my Vatican informant.. had a change of heart.”

[Guide] “Really, 007. Nevada? What do you expect us to do? Search it inch by inch?”
[Guide] A satellite zooms in on Nevada.
[Guide] It looks like a big desert.

[James Bond] “Send me back, and I will find it.”

[Guide] M looks directly at Bond. “Don’t be ridiculous, Bond. Where will you start?”

[James Bond] “Where I left off. I know where La Glasse’s subterranean compound is.. And I think I know where it leads.”

[Guide] M looks at him.
[Guide] “You have one week.”
[Guide] Cut to a plane taking off.

[James Bond] The stewardess’ voice comes on. “You are now free to move about the cabin. Use of limited electronic devices is now permitted. We encourage you to keep your seatbelt fastened at all times while seated, due to unforseen turbulence.”
[James Bond] James opens his laptop, and sends a picture of himself holding today’s paper into La Glasse’s network.
[James Bond] Suddenly, the lights on the plane flicker, and the plane drops suddenly. People make quiet noises of astonishment, until the plane’s nose begins to substantively dip. Oxygen masks fall, and people begin to panic.



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