James Bond: the date continues

22 01 2008

Here’s the rest of the log from the first date. We got screwed over by the dice– every time we narrated something going wrong, we still ended up with no successes. There were also no successes won at the end of the date, either. But it was still quite a bit of fun.
[Guide] In the darkest bowels of La Glasse’s underground bunker is a furnace. A sheen of sweat lays on Bond’s brow as he awakes, shirtless for some reason, and chained to an agonizingly long, ostensibly fireproof conveyor belt. There’s a viewing gallery above, which is conspicuously empty.
[Guide] *Whuh-CHUNK*
[Guide] The conveyor belt slowly begins to move.

[Raven] As Bond edges towards the furnace, there is a sudden “Clunk”.

[Guide] Bond looks around wildly, and begins to writhe in his restraints.

[Raven] As he looks up to the viewing gallery, he notices a beautiful woman, dressed in a silk dressing gown.
[Raven] The conveyor belt stops.
[Raven] Raven removes her finger from the button.

[Guide] “Mrs. La Glasse, it is a pleasure to see you again.”

[Raven] “Mr Bond. This is getting heated more quickly than I thought.”

[Guide] Bond quirks a boyish grin. “Yes, well, in my line of work you have to move fast. I would thank you properly, but..” he shrugs his shoulders to indicate his restraints.

[Raven] “Mr Bond, you disappoint me.”
[Raven] Raven begins to descend a hugely impractical glass staircase leading from the viewing gallery.
[Raven] “You need a woman to rescue you?”
[Raven] She stands over him, the fire lighting her face. She runs a finger down his chest.
[Raven] “I had hoped I would find you a man.”

[Guide] “It’s hard to think of a clear.. exit strategy.. when faced with your beauty.”

[Raven] She sits on the edge of the conveyor belt.
[Raven] “Words do not impress me, Mr Bond. I desire action.”
[Raven] She sighs.
[Raven] “Come on.”
[Raven] She presses another button and Bond is released. “We must be quick.”
[Raven] “If my husband knew I was here…”
[Raven] Raven looks at Bond’s wristwatch, which he had switched on, ready to cut his bonds.
[Raven] “You can put that away, Mr Bond,” she says, “You won’t be needing it.”

[Guide] “I’ll assume you’re speaking of my wristwatch. After you, madam.”


[Guide] Raven leads Bond down another glass staircase, to a vast underground cavern. At the bottom of the cavern is a small electric car, on rails.
[Guide] “Quickly, Mr Bond. We may not have much time.”

James Bond follows Raven into the car. “Where are we going?”

[Guide] “We are going away, Mr Bond,” says Raven, “And as fast as we can.”
[Guide] As Raven accelerates the car, an alarm sounds from the hall above.

James Bond kicks his shoe against the wall of the car, and the hollow sole juts out, revealing a Walther PPK. He takes the gun and kicks the sole back into place.

[Guide] The car races down what appears to be an abandoned mine shaft. Behind, three guards enter another electric car and begin pursuit.
[Guide] “Hold on, Mr Bond,” says Raven.
[Guide] “We wouldn’t want you to be captured again.”

James Bond slips a hand around Raven’s waist. “If you insist.”

[Guide] A bullet thuds into the back of the car. “I suggest you do something more useful with your hands, Mr Bond.”
[Guide] “And more likely to produce a result.”

[James Bond] He deftly undoes the knot in the belt holding Raven’s dressing gown closed, and steals the silk belt, wrapping it around his hand. “You think quite highly of yourself, madam, and I suggest you duck.” He punches through the glass on the ceiling of the car with his now protected hand, and then leaps to the roof of the car, shooting at the guards behind him.

[Guide] Guards fall everywhere.
[Guide] “Hold on, Mr Bond.”

James Bond flattens himself against the ceiling of the car, holding tightly.

[Guide] Raven accelerates towards a ramp.
[Guide] As one of the guards throws a grenade, the electric car smashes through a wall.
[Guide] Cut to a large, grey facility in the Nevada desert. It’s still for a moment, but, then, there’s a huge explosion and the electric car smashes through a wall.
[Guide] It lands bumpily on the sand and races off.

[James Bond] James flips back into the car at the last minute.
[James Bond] “I have to say, Ms. La Glasse: you’re quite good in hard situations.”

[Guide] “Where to, Mr Bond?”
[Guide] The car races across the sands.

[James Bond] “The Armageddon Array. I have to stop Gideon before he incinerates the–” the electric car suddenly stops, the weight of the abruptness toppling it to one side.
[James Bond] James opens the side (now top) door, stands, and helps Raven to her feet. “Electric cars. Haven’t you Americans heard of petrol?” He squints toward the horizon.

[Guide] Raven holds her dressing gown together as she gets to her feet.
[Guide] “Is this how you treat all your lady friends?” she says.

[James Bond] “Sometimes we have dinner first.” With that, Bond leans in closely to Raven.. and the sand gets pelted with gunfire.
[James Bond] He grabs Raven and shields the two of them behind the car, as a helicopter shoots in their direction. Two thugs– the same ones from the elevator– climb down a rope ladder.
[James Bond] Bond catches a whiff of something, grabs Raven, and leaps away from the car, tumbling. As the next bullet hits the leaking oil, the electric car explodes.
[James Bond] Eyepatch and Tattoo descend on them; Eyepatch has a knife, Tattoo has a club. Bond shoots, but finds he is out of bullets.
[James Bond] “Run, Raven, and don’t stop.”

[Guide] Raven runs across the sand, silk dressing gown fluttering in the breeze.

[James Bond] As she turns around, he steals a hair stick from her tresses.
[James Bond] Bond barely dodges the knife-wielding Eyepatch, and brings the hair ornament up to stab him in the face, ensuring he will now need two eyepatches.
[James Bond] This does not stop Tattoo from cracking Bond across the ribcage.
[James Bond] James drops to his knees in pain. He picks up the knife dropped by Eyepatch, and goes to stab Tattoo in the foot– only to meet steel-toed boots. He looks up in surprise and gets kicked soundly beneath the chin.
[James Bond] James flies through the air, and when he lands, throws the knife. It lands neatly in Tattoo’s neck. The thug falls over, and– feeling quite satisfied with himself, Bond passes out on the sand.


[Guide] Bond comes to, and finds himself laying in the middle of a large circular bed, with satin sheets in a pale gold. For a moment he thinks he is hallucinating; there’s a bar and comfortable seating, and a door a ways away, but.. other than that, it seems that they are floating in air.
[Guide] It takes him a moment to realize that they are on La Glasse’s glass jet.

[Raven] Raven is sitting beside him, bathing his brow.
[Raven] “You slept a long time, Mr Bond.”

[Guide] “It is to be expected, I suppose. I rarely get a chance to nap.”

[Raven] “Would you like something to revive you?”

[Guide] “Quite. Please.” Bond blinks a few times before the roguish smile returns to his face.

[Raven] Raven moves aside. At the foot of the bed, Bond can see a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket.
[Raven] Two flutes are ready poured. She hands him one.

[Guide] Bond slowly sits up. “To your health.”

[Raven] “With you about, Mr Bond, my health will need all the help I can get.”
[Raven] Her hand rests briefly on his arm before moving away. She drinks.
[Raven] “I have risked my life for you this evening, Mr Bond.”

[Guide] “I should endeavor to make your risk worth it, then.”

[Raven] She looks through the walls of the plane. They must have flown for hours: the sun is setting over snowy mountains.

[Guide] With a smile he leans in smoothly, pressing his lips to hers.

[Raven] She kisses back, passionately, as if releasing something she’d been holding for a while.
[Raven] “Mr Bond!”

[Guide] He looks startled by the sudden lack of girlflesh. “Yes?”

[Raven] “You surprise me, Mr Bond. But a pleasant surprise.”
[Raven] “Where do we go now, Mr Bond?”

[Guide] He pulls her down to him once more. “All the way to the end of the world.”
James Bond
[Raven] Her cocktail dress slides to the floor. “Oh, James…”



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