James Bond Breaks the Ice: Date 3 Begins

26 01 2008

We actually ended up with four permanent points of attraction by the end of date two. The rolling this session went great, until I had some rolling to do in the last scene. We’re going to finish it up tomorrow. This has been a huge amount of fun.

[Guide]    The Bellagio is a swirl of color and sound; waiters in tuxedos, the faint sound of dice rolling across felt, sequined hostesses carrying drinks in beveled glass. Everything sparkles. Two hosts pull open double doors.
[Guide]    When Raven enters, everything else seems to dim.

[Raven]    Raven is dressed in a business suit and dark glasses.
[Raven]    Ignoring everyone else, she walks up to the…you know…place where you change your chips.
[Raven]    “I need a credit line of five million dollars.”

[Guide]    “Right away. Welcome to the Bellagio, Mrs. La Glasse.” The man reaches under the desk and gives her a black briefcase. “Would you like me to escort you to the high rollers’ room?”

[Raven]    “I would.”

[Guide]    “Excellent.” A young woman replaces the slender, spectacled man. He ends up walking behind Raven; she cuts a clear path, and people tend to part in her wake. He pulls a heavy velvet curtain to one side, bows a bit, and gestures her inside.

[Raven]    “Wait. I need to change.”

[Guide]    “Of course, madam.”

[Raven]    “Hold this bag.”

[Guide]    There is a restroom next to the VIP enterance.

[Raven]    Raven ignores the restroom.

[Guide]    The host looks a bit put-off holding a woman’s purse, but takes it with a polite smile.

[Raven]    Raven removes the dark glasses and gives them to the host. She removes the jacket, too. Underneath, the top half of a superbly elegant black ballgown is visible, strapless and exactly cut.
[Raven]    This is probably attracting attention.

[Guide]    The rather stunned host is blank and a bit slackjawed as various bits of clothing get unceremoniously draped cross his arms.

[Raven]    She removes the business skirt. The skirt of the ballgown slides down to cover her legs.
[Raven]    She releases something at the back of her hair and shakes it down, over her shoulders.

[Guide]    A loud texan in a cowboy hat spills his drink on the roulette table.
[Guide]    Six other gamblers grumble at him, then follow his gaze and go quiet.

[Raven]    She laughs, a little girlishly.
[Raven]    “I feel a little underdressed. Is there something in that bag?”

[Guide]    “I. Uh. Um. Well.” He pauses. “Hm. Well. Um.”
[Guide]    He holds the bag out to her, like a child trick-or-treating.

[Raven]    She removes a gauze black scarf from the bag and drapes it around her shoulders.
[Raven]    “Thank you. Those can go in my room.”

[Guide]    “..Yes, Mrs. La Glasse.” He blinks, as if dispelling a mirage, and turns to go.

[Raven]    She brushes aside the curtain and sweeps into the high roller’s room.
[Raven]    “Gentlemen!”
[Raven]    “Who would like to play?”

[Guide]    The slightly cheesy opulence of the rest of the Bellagio is nothing in comparison to the quiet riches of the VIP area. All the men look up in unison– except for one.
[Guide]    James Bond looks up a beat later, obviously affected.

[Raven]    Raven pauses for a moment. The surprise barely shows in her face, except, perhaps, around the corners of the eyes.
[Raven]    She takes a martini from a waiter.
[Raven]    She giggles.

[Guide]    He clears his throat quietly, but does not say anything. The banker asks him for his bet. He places a chip without looking away.

[Raven]    “My husband’s out of town and he’s left me all this money to play with. I’m afraid I’m a little drunk!
[Raven]    What sort of games do you play in here?”

[Guide]    Bond hides a smile.
[Guide]    “Why don’cha come sit here and play cards with me, sweetheart?” Calls a southern gentleman with a deep drawl. He pats the seat next to him.

[Raven]    “Thank you!” she says, and walks over, a little stumbly.
[Raven]    “People here are so friendly!”

[Guide]    He puts a hand on her shoulder. The smell of bourbon wafts out from beneath his substantial silver mustache. “Have you ever played poker?”

[Raven]    She giggles a little more. “No! No, I don’t believe I have.”
[Raven]    He feels a knife in his ribs as she moves closer.
[Raven]    “Have you ever played only breathing with one lung?”
[Guide]    He sputters, his eyes going wide.


[Raven]    Across the room, Bond can see Raven pressed close against a southern gentleman in a cowboy hat and moustache. He looks, in some way, excited.
[Raven]    The croupier turns his cards.
=-=    Raven is now known as Guide

* James Bond    gestures at the table. “Perhaps Baccarat is more the lady’s game?” He inquires, quirking an eyebrow.

[Guide]    “Eight,” announced the croupier. “Mr Bond?”

*[James Bond]    “I’ll stand pat.”

[Guide]    “Better luck next time, Mr Bond,” says the croupier, sweeping his chips away.
[Guide]    He looks around the table. “Again?”
[Guide]    Raven rises to her feet.
[Guide]    “Perhaps it is,” she says, “You are?”

*[James Bond]    “Bond. James Bond. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms..?”

[Guide]    “What do names matter, Mr Bond? All that matters is that I have the money to play.”
[Guide]    “Shall we play?”

*[James Bond]    “Of course.” The croupier scoops up the cards and starts a new hand. “Did you know, Baccarat is one of the only games where ties are acceptable?” The croupier lays down the first cards for the players. “It’s funny that only in truly high stakes games, you can be rewarded for being equally matched.”
*[James Bond]    As if on cue, the croupier calls “Egalite!”

[Guide]    “Do you enjoy being equally matched, Mr Bond?”

*[James Bond]    “It’s a refreshing change, I will admit.” He smiles and leans in, smelling her perfume. “I wasn’t sure I would see you again.”

[Guide]    “You may not see me again, Mr Bond.”


[Guide]    James leans in a bit closer, the stubble on his cheek pressing into the softness of Raven’s jaw as he whispers in her ear. “Then perhaps..” The scene shifts as his sentence becomes a voiceover. “..We should make the most of it.”
[Guide]    The camera dissolves to follow a trail of clothing through a rather elegant suite. Tie, scarf, shirt, slacks on the floor; ballgown draped over a table. Lingerie on the bedside table. Bond and Raven are under satin sheets, kissing passionately.

[Raven]    She looks up at him. “James?”

[Guide]    “Yes, Raven?” He brushes her cheek tenderly.

[Raven]    “Can you forgive me for what I’ve done?”. She holds the back of his neck.

[Guide]    He stops for a moment, looking at her strangely. His eyes get distant for a moment– lost in memory. He exhales in a way that might be a faint, rueful chuckle. “Forgive you for what YOU’ve done. Yes, I think I can. I already have.”

[Raven]    “Oh, James.”
[Raven]    She closes her eyes.

[Guide]    “What is it? Is there some great offense I’m not aware of, lurking in your past?”
[Guide]    His smile is barely, gently teasing.

[Raven]    …and fade to the next morning, I think.
[Raven]    Raven rises early in the morning. She slides out of bed, silently, and removes a metal briefcase from under the bed.
[Raven]    She checks inside. It’s a sniper rifle, made out of specially hardened plastic.
[Raven]    She pulls on her business suit.
[Raven]    And, just before she leaves, leaves something ticking beneath Bond’s bed.

[Guide]    James turns in the bed, sleepily reaching for an empty place.

[Raven]    (No…correct that.)
[Raven]    His hand falls on what feels like a large insect.

[Guide]    He opens his eyes.

[Raven]    His hand is resting on a scorpion.
[Raven]    It stings him.
[Raven]    It’s really painful.


[Guide]    Bond’s driving a car in the desert, nursing his hand.
[Guide]    (Dramatic music)
[Guide]    He’s watching Raven.
[Guide]    To be accurate, he’s watching her on his GPS tracking system.
[Guide]    Last night, he slipped a bug into her hair, as he pretended to brush her cheek. Now, she’s a blip on the tracker.
[Guide]    He turns off the main highway.
[Guide]    After ten minutes, ahead of him, is something huge.
[Guide]    A vast array of mirrors in the desert. Small reactors hooked up to the mirrors; lasers in the centre. This must be the Armageddon Array.

*[James Bond]    He looks down at the GPS screen. Raven’s blip is stationary.

[Guide]    A gunshot hits the car.

*[James Bond]    He pulls off the road abruptly, going up on two wheels. There’s an outcropping of rock; he pulls behind it. He slips out of the car and climbs up the back of the rock formation, not getting too high profile.

[Guide]    Another gunshot. Shards of rock go flying. He flinches.

*[James Bond]    He slips on a pair of designer sunglasses, thin and very expensive-looking. The camera switches to heat-vision, and he looks about for his attacker.

[Guide]    There’s a big red splodge.
[Guide]    Gunshot! Flinch.

*[James Bond]    He reaches around the rock formation and shoots at said splodge.
*[James Bond]    He flips up his glasses for a moment, to get a glimpse of his attacker.

[Guide]    Attacker falls over.
[Guide]    It’s just a guy with a gun.
[Guide]    There is lots of angry Chinese shouting, as though Chinese people are upset with Bond’s presence.

* James Bond    is unphased. He takes off his sunglasses, folds them smartly, and sticks them back in his pocket. He slips down the rock, and peers towards the cacaphony, to see what’s going on.

[Guide]    There are lots of angry Eastern-looking people hiding behind rocks. Some of them fire guns at Bond.

* James Bond    fires off some shots, then sighs in frustration.
*[James Bond]    He reaches onto his belt and gets out a small remote. He pushes some buttons.
*[James Bond]    The Aston Martin starts up and starts barreling for the rocks.
*[James Bond]    He presses another button. It explodes. Idly, he wonders how long Q is going to spend yelling at him about THIS car.

[Guide]    There’s a huge explosion. A lot of yelling in Chinese.




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