No se apoye contra la puerta

20 03 2008

Waiting ’til Wednesday:

 Notes for an M Doughty Roleplaying Board Game

To play this game, you need:

  •  A large map of the United States
  • A shitty-looking matchbox car
  • A deck of playing cards
  • A deck of dream cards (included)

The concept:

You are a singer-songwriter drowning in self-destruction and loneliness. Your name begins with the letter M,
because that’s what people call you. You’re driving from LA to NYC in your shitty car, stopping to play accoustic concerts in dive bars along the way in order to write new material and fund the trip and find yourself. There’s a metamorphic shadow woman who haunts your dreams; you don’t know who she is or where to find her, but she gives you lyrics for sad and poignant songs. It’s Thursday.

The goal: to kick heroin and make it to NYC by Wednesday.

How it works, maybe:

There are three stats: Car, Heroin, and Girl. If Car hits zero, your car is busted. Game over. If Heroin hits zero, you get penalties during your concert performances, but you need to hit zero before you get to NYC. If Girl hits zero, you don’t get any new songs. Lots of car doesn’t do anything in particular; your car is always shitty at best. Maybe you get special car songs that aren’t as good as the songs about shadow women but people like to sing along to them anyway. Lots of girl gives you more songs for your concerts! Lots of heroin gives you concert bonuses.

Every concert you have gives you points, which you can spend on your three traits.

Insert concert rules, possibly stolen and warped from Dev’s awesome game Ancient Committee is an Emo Band here

Insert stuff about the dream cards, which you draw at the beginning of rounds and have snatches of lyrics on them which affect play in certain ways, here




3 responses

20 03 2008
Dev Purkayastha

I’d love it if this game has a slight spiral so that, if you keep playing, you will end up with + girl and 0 heroin. (So, some happy ending, perhaps even if you don’t make it to NYC; or maybe it’s understood you’ll always make it to NYC.)

20 03 2008
Dev Purkayastha

So an upward, rather than a downward, spiral.

21 03 2008

So I’m thinking that these stats are on a 1-6 scale, and you start with each at 3. The thing with heroin is that you lose one point of it every day, and maybe you lose a point of car every other day?

Anyway, you’ll definitely end up with heroin at zero if you don’t buy more. Of course, a valid tactic is to maintain your heroin supply until right before you hit NYC. I haven’t figured out how you lose Girl; maybe you don’t. Or maybe there are cards in the Dream deck that cause that– rare ones.

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