Hi! Depending where you’re from, you know me as Elizabeth (on Knife Fight and in real life) or as dissolvegirl (on IRC, the Exalted wiki, etc.). I suppose there’s a chance you don’t know me at all, so allow me to introduce myself.

My name’s Elizabeth. I’m a freelance photographer by trade, and in another life I was a writer. I still write on occasion; I’ve tried almost every type of writing under the sun, so designing games is kind of my undiscovered country.

I was pretty resistant to trying game design– I insisted my brain just didn’t “work that way”– but I have some fantastic friends who aren’t shy about calling bullshit when they hear it. I finally had an idea which came with a mechanic, and so Addict was born.

The name “Dissolute Games” comes from three things:

  • My usual username, dissolvegirl. “Dissolute” and “dissolve” come from the same latin root. Also, people tend to abbreviate my username to dg; same initials.
  • The definition of “dissolute.” My hubris is not great enough to believe that I’ve got the thatchers to claim that my design style is unabashed and unrestrained; I don’t even have a design style yet. However, unabashed and unrestrained are pretty good descriptors for my personality, so I’m sure elements of that will come out in what I write. Addict is a great example.

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5 03 2008


19 10 2009
DivNull Productions » Blog Archive » Lark #01 awarded

[…] consideration of the proposals in our first Lark, DivNull is pleased to award the $1,000 gift to Elizabeth Shoemaker for her interesting ideas for the development of her game Blowback. In addition to helping make a […]

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