The True Meaning of Friendship Design Challenge

26 11 2007

So the True Meaning of Friendship Design Challenge that Shreyas and I have going over on the Knife Fight kicked off today, with people declaring dibs on the anonymous blurbs. This is the one I chose:

I’m an environmental advocate. I think that ordinary life and material things can hold more wonder than fantasy worlds or the supernatural. I dig themes drawn from 18th/19th/20th century modernism. I like games with political/ historical/ real world dimensions. I enjoy games designed to explore serious or quirky topics – documentary or docudrama games.

I’ve been thinking about something with a documentary/flashback style of game structure for a while; this will give me a chance to flesh out those basic ideas, and maybe take them a step further and make it even more cinematic. (When I say “documentary” I mean more Ken Burns, Spike Lee.. less Michael Moore.) I don’t know if I want to center the game around something specific and historic (my brain is still all wrapped up in the BPP), or if I just want to come up with a system that lets you do The War and Behind the Music with equal ease. Maybe I’ll do the system and loosely have an example setting.. we’ll see.