FATALITY! Sort of.

22 12 2007

It took a little bit longer for the PDF to distill, but pencils went down on the new draft of It’s Complicated promptly at midnight. I should have the HTML version up this weekend, sometime.

Also, Dave Cleaver made a completely fantastic Java application for reducing the work of updating the game board. He’s the best!

It’s Complicated: A game about messy lives and messy relationships

4 11 2007

The extremely rough PDF of the rough version of It’s Complicated can be downloaded here. There’s also a tab at the top of the screen, if you’re the type who prefer things in HTML form.

Hey look! I wrote a whole game. That still needs a lot of polishing. But all the mechanics are there! That’s kind of crazy to me. Please take a look and let me know what you think– I’m going to be looking for playtesters in the near future, just to see if it actually works, and what needs to be streamlined.