A not-so-short short game

13 12 2007

I know I’ve been talking up a storm about Audeamus lately, so I just wanted to give a quick update on It’s Complicated. I have been working on it! In fact, I’m a couple thousand words into the new revision. Thing is, I just hit the “How to play” section, and haven’t even hit the new explanatory bits yet. I didn’t realize just how much of this game I’d been internalizing until I sat down to write it.

Coming soon(ish): more It’s Complicated

9 12 2007

I’ve been fortunate enough this week to get a lot of good feedback from David Artman and Ron Edwards at The Forge, as well as some great conversations with friends and playtesters in #indierpgs. After reflection, I’ve decided that I’m not going to revise the current document so much as write an entirely new one. New sections will include:

  • Scene framing tips
  • Framing scenes with multiple relationships
  • Types of scenes
  • Things you can accomplish in scenes besides revelation
  • Expanded definitions of Oddity and Dysfunction
  • An absurd amount of examples
  • Potential scenarios
  • Tips on story arcs vs. scenes

That’s a lot of stuff, and if any of it turns out to be unnecessary, I can cut it. But as of right now, those’re basically things that people who have played the game have requested, and so they seem important.

Someone– I forget who– told me this game was going to have more explanation of how the rules work than of the rules themselves. I’m okay with that. Actually, a big part of the influence for this system was when I was working on the token mechanic for Addict— I had a bunch of little systems going, and Jonathan told me that I should think about having a single elegant system that did everything. Little did he know..


5 11 2007

I got some great feedback on the PDF version of It’s Complicated, but apparently some people don’t like PDFs! I updated the downloadable version anyway, and now, the more-polished first draft has its own handy-dandy page on this blog as well; just look for the “It’s Complicated” tab at the top.

It’s got some scene examples, which I think were probably the most vital thing missing from the last draft. They were fun to write; if my game actually works the way it’s designed to work, I’ll be happy. Maybe I’ll get a playtest going on IRC this afternoon or evening; we’ll see.