Game progress: mine and others

17 01 2008

I’m currently working on the latest (and hopefully final) draft of It’s Complicated, complete with shiny new layout. Page numbers! Table of contents! It’s going to be crazily easy to follow! And the long-promised sections on scene framing and sample scenarios will be there, too.

Also, work on Thousand-Leaved Grass (which needs a new title; we named it after the wrong species of yarrow) is going amazingly well, and I’m so very excited about that game. We’re almost done with character generation and setting up the adventure. But since there’s not really any new content here, I want to talk about the things my friends are working on, that I find particularly exciting.

Over at Thousand and One, Jonathan’s working on his own ancient China game (and unlike me, he really knows what he’s talking about!). He’s hacking Vincent Baker’s new fantasy heartbreaker, In A Wicked Age, to play stories based on The Water Margin. I’ve been playing my share of IAWA lately, and I’m really excited to try out Along the Water’s Edge once it’s out of Jonathan’s head and on the page.

And Shreyas is working on a game that, in my opinion, will change the way people look at storytelling games forever. Keep an eye on his hugblog, summerbird,  for a post about this game. It’s based on a series of stories he’s written called The Water-Seller, some of which are viewable on his fiction blog. He’s got the good pitch, but let’s just say it covers every single thing that I feel makes art important and special and beautiful. While you’re waiting for him to get around to writing about it, you might as well check out Mist-Robed Gate, which is in playtestable form. Just make sure you have a sharp knife..

New game– and new blog

7 01 2008

Shreyas and I spent most of the day on the phone, feverishly ripping through the awesome ideas we have for our Bridge of Birds inspired game, Thousand-Leaved Grass. It’s a game about the mythology of an ancient China that doesn’t strictly exist, and borrows heavily from the Yì Jīng.

Since Shreyas and I are both blog-addicted and plan to post about it regularly, we have a blog specifically for this game, named after the imprint we always said we’d use if we ever managed to collaborate: Two Scooters Press.

So.. Check us out, add us to your blogroll/google reader/etc!