James Bond Breaks the Ice: Date 3 Begins

26 01 2008

We actually ended up with four permanent points of attraction by the end of date two. The rolling this session went great, until I had some rolling to do in the last scene. We’re going to finish it up tomorrow. This has been a huge amount of fun.

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James Bond: date two

22 01 2008

We had a bit more luck with the dice today, but not much. The first scene went a bit slowly, but ensuing scenes had some great moments. Graham came up with the best scene-framing I’ve seen in a long time for the last scene of the evening.

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James Bond: the date continues

22 01 2008

Here’s the rest of the log from the first date. We got screwed over by the dice– every time we narrated something going wrong, we still ended up with no successes. There were also no successes won at the end of the date, either. But it was still quite a bit of fun. Read the rest of this entry »

Play this with that: James Bond with Breaking the Ice

20 01 2008

On Story Games, there was a recent challenge to choose a game system, and then have a game system assigned to you; you then had to play a game using the first system’s mechanics and the second system’s setting. I got assigned the James Bond setting for Breaking the Ice, and Graham was lovely enough to volunteer. Below is the rather brief, but really entertaining, log of the first session. Read the rest of this entry »